Monday, January 17, 2011

Fix HP Printer Print Blank Pages Error

Is your printer printing blank pages? Don’t be surprised! This is not a surprising occurrence. This is a problem that you might face from time to time.

STEP 1: Clean Print Head

The print head gets clogged due to frequent usage. Therefore, the ink will not be able to get out of the cartridge. Hence, the printer only prints blank pages. The solution to this problem will be to clean the print head. This can be done by cleaning it with a damp cloth or with an Iso Propyl Solution.

STEP2: Check if Cartridge is Empty

If this does not work, your next step would be to check if there is any ink in the printer cartridge. You might be giving a command for a high resolution printout, but the ink might not be enough for such a purpose. Look out for the printer prompts that will tell you about the low levels of ink.

STEP 3: Install the Correct Printer Driver

Many a times if you are downloading a printer driver from the internet, you might download the wrong driver. This will result in the computer not recognizing the printer. The result is blank pages.

STEP 4: Check for Appropriate Paper Size

Another facet to be taken care of is the printer size. You must check the Page Setup Dialog box whether you have selected the settings that are in tune with the paper size that is being used for the printing.

STEP 5: Check the Operations

If nothing works for you, then a printer operations checks is in order.



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